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Propane Storage Cabinet

"AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION..." Why risk a lawsuit or worse because someone tampered with unprotected cylinders? Promote safety and protect yourself and your customers by insisting that all cylinders be safely stored in an ASM propane storage cabinets. Our propane storage cabinets make compliance with NFPA and OSHA simple and affordable.

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American Standard Manufacturing, Inc. is an industry leader in innovative equipment designs for propane storage cabinets and handling of low-pressure (propane) and high-pressure (welding and industrial) gas cylinders. Committed to serving the changing needs of its customers, ASM continues to research and develop new and useful propane storage cabinets that enhance their customer's position in the competitive global marketplace. ASM is dedicated to serving the LPG (propane) and welding-gas industries through factory direct, in stock distribution, and as an active member of both the NPGA (National Propane Gas Association) and GAWDA (Gases and Welding Distributors Association).

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Our unique component design system allows us to quickly custom configure propane storage cabinets to the needs of the end user. In addition, the component design system allows units to be shipped either in a KD (Knock Down) condition, greatly reducing freight costs, or Set-Up (Assembled) for rapid deployment upon receipt. All galvanized construction and quality exterior powder coatings for extended durability in the field along with special features like zero clearance sliding doors and low profile "window box" units, are what sets ASM apart from the competition. Furthermore, the component design system allows for replacement of damaged parts, not feasible with welded units.

ASM’s cost effective inventory approach coupled with our commitment to supply customers with “what they need, when they need it” remains our strength. We stock it because we know you don’t!